22. Jordan Wheeler: Modern Aboriginal Indigenous Native Indian Type Dude

Storytellers in Motion is a non-fiction series about aboriginal film, television and storytelling - featuring the storytellers themselves
Jordan Wheeler

Jordan Wheeler (Cree, Ojibwa, Assiniboine, Irish, English, Scottish) has been a professional writer ever since his mother, Bernelda Wheeler, made a pitch to Indian Record magazine for a ‘mother and son’ column – she and Jordan each contributing a part – when he was 17.

Back when Jordan started on North of 60, he had initially been silent during noisy story meetings, following the Cree custom of waiting for his turn to speak. The producer quickly told him, “Get over it…you’ll never get a break”. Well, he did - Jordan Wheeler is, now, one of the busiest and most successful Indigenous writers working in film and television in Canada, today.

Whether writing for children, teaching scriptwriting, giving workshops for Indigenous youth, writing for Indigenous television, or keeping mainstream scripts honest, Jordan tells Indigenous stories with love, humour, and authenticity.

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